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Why Choose Us?

A big and trustworthy company It is possible to earn the big sums in trading, especially in cryptocurrency trading, having only the impressive starting deposit. It distinguishes our Company among others!
24 Hour Support No less reverent than the team, we treat our investors, i.e. you. That's why we have a 24-hour hot and responsive support service.
The Team of Professionals Of course, our main asset that we value most is our team that has been doing magic in terms of increasing the amounts of our deposits for several years now.
Exceptional security We put the security of interaction with our platform at heart, which means that a whole team of experts is constantly working to strengthen the protection and implementation of the most advanced security protocols.


BinaTeam Ltd. has gathered the real professionals of the cryptocurrency world, and only the best experts, analysts and traders work for the development of our company.

BinaTeam Ltd. is now represented on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, such as: Binance, FTX, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Coinbase, Huobi and many others. Our team is constantly developing and working on improving the algorithms of both manual and automated trading on the above exchanges. Development and creation of our own bots help us to scale profits and reduce risks when working on exchanges. Our main credo is a constant optimization of trading on stock exchanges. At the moment BinaTeam Ltd. is actively working on attracting investments into newly growing cryptocurrency market, which means that each of our partners, even those who have never worked with cryptocurrency before, has a great opportunity to earn profit. All you need to do is just: register on our platform, read the simple terms, choose one or several investment offers that interest you and make profit. The rest will be done for you by BinaTeam Ltd professionals.


Vip 3 % Binance Lite
  • Total profit:150%
  • Investment term:50 days
  • Min amount:50 $
  • Max amount:100000 $
  • Daily profit:3%
The body of the deposit is included in payments Invest
Vip 28 % Binance Pro
  • Total profit:168%
  • Investment term:42 days
  • Min amount:1000 $
  • Max amount:100000 $
  • Weekly profit:28%
The body of the deposit is included in payments Invest
Vip 200 % Binance Elite
  • Total profit:200%
  • Investment term:30 days
  • Min amount:3000 $
  • Max amount:100000 $
  • Daily profit:200%
The body of the deposit is included in payments Invest
The investment plan will be available in
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Profit by period:
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To start a partnership with the investment platform BinaTeam Ltd. you need to make a few, simple, but at the same time very important steps:

  • • Before you register, study the investment offers carefully, calculate your probable profit with an online calculator.
  • • Carefully and responsibly choose your login and password, make sure your password is secure.
  • • In your personal cabinet specify all your payment details for correct entry and withdrawal of your funds.


We are grateful for your choice and trust in our Company, and we sincerely appreciate everyone who has joined our team and decided to become part of a friendly team. Any registered user of our investment platform, can become a member of the Partner program.

To do this you need to make a few simple steps:
1. Register your own account
Complete a simple, free, and quick registration on the site;

2. Get a unique partner link in your personal cabinet
Share this link with others, telling them about all the benefits BinaTeam Ltd;

3. Get partner commission to your balance
Keep track of your partners activity in your personal cabinet and do not forget to withdraw the partner's commission.


BinaTeam Ltd. has 3 levels of partner royalties.

Last news

Sep 25, 2022 18:56

Another great news for our users!

Bina Team mobile application has been successfully launched and is available to users of the...

Sep 13, 2022 18:57

Binance Elite investment plan will be available on September 15

If you didn't activate your funds on this plan the first time, now is the time to do so.

Sep 8, 2022 13:42

Dear friends, we have a big announcement!

A short-term opportunity for 2 hours to invest under the Binance Elite investment plan



SEPTEMBER 2022 Launch of investment platform
OCTOBER 2022 Expansion and localization in CIS markets
JANUARY 2023 Launch of new loyalty program
MARCH 2023 Announcement of own token
JULY 2023 Token listing on Binance
OCTOBER 2023 Launch of mobile apps for Android and iOS
DECEMBER 2023 Update investment plans
JANUARY 2024 Announcement of continuation of roadmap for 2024-2026